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Meet Robert and Julia from Custom Travel Homes

Have you thought about traveling on the road full-time or even part-time, but the idea of giving up the luxuries of a ‘sticks and bricks’ home is holding you back? Don’t give up on life on the road just yet because Robert and Julia have the rig for you! Custom Travel Homes designs and builds a cutting-edge luxury fifth wheel that epitomizes Uncompromised life on the road™.

As the RV world continues to evolve, new rigs are making their appearance on the roads all over the country. In October, we had a new category of RV, a Luxury Travel Home, visit our campground for a couple of days. Our eyes widened in amazement when this rig pulled into the drive because it was nothing like we had ever seen before! With an exterior similar to a uniquely styled tiny home, and a sleek modern interior, this home could convince anyone life on the road can be luxurious!  

Their rig fit perfectly in our dry camping space!

All too often when living on the road we would hear people say things like, “I could never live in an RV, it’s too small, there isn’t enough space in the kitchen, and I would miss the luxuries my home offers.” This is the reason Robert and Julia wanted to create something that allowed people to build a custom design that gives them the option to include all the luxuries they are accustomed to in their sticks-and-bricks home – and let me tell you, they nailed it! 

Robert and Julia have put so much thought and research into every aspect of their build and it truly shows. When they invited us in to take a tour of their rig, it was even more beautiful than we had imagined on the inside. From a full-chef kitchen to an open-concept eating/workspace they have truly thought of it all! My favorite part is the rooftop access where they can enjoy the views from a higher viewpoint (because we know often in RV parks the view can be compromised by your neighbor’s rig)!

You might be wondering how well a rig like this travels down the road safely, but don’t worry, Robert and Julia thought of that too! Knowing that the build needed to withstand strong winds, the bumps and dips of the road, and the constant rattling that comes with travel days, they made sure each part of the build was strong and sturdy. For over three years they have traveled across the country; performing a shakedown of what works and what can be improved.

We absolutely loved getting a tour of their incredible build, and there is no question that we would move into a rig like this in a heartbeat!

There is a lot more to their build and business that is not mentioned in this post, so head on over to their page to learn more about Custom Travel Homes and view video tours of their rig!

You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook!


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