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Scott and Taylor are no strangers to RV life. In July of 2019, Scott and Taylor moved into a Class C RV and hit the open road full-time to travel across the U.S. and parts of Canada. What started off as a casual three-month trip, turned into a two-and-a-half-year journey – they completely fell in love with RV life.

Before hitting the road Taylor worked as a Child Development Specialist in the Head Start program in Phoenix, AZ. After packing up their lives and moving into their RV full-time, Taylor began working on a passion of hers that had taken a backseat in her life for many years-writing!  Living in the RV and not having a 9-5 job finally gave her the opportunity to complete one of her lifelong goals of writing a novel. Using experiences from their journey on the road to serve as inspiration in her book, she was able to complete her first novel and get it published on Amazon in less than a year. You can find her novel, “The #Vanlife Murders” on  Amazon and in select Barnes and Nobles across the U.S.

Scott is from Phoenix, AZ and worked as a real estate agent and investor (yes, even from on the road) and has always been drawn to all things outdoors, so when the chance came to take off and hit the open road, he was fully on board.

In the spring of 2021, they were getting the itch to jump into their next journey, but they weren’t quite sure what that was. They knew that they wanted somewhat of a home base, but also didn’t want to leave the RV community that they had come to enjoy so much. As they traveled across the country they realized that there was something missing from the RV industry – RV parks that catered towards remote workers and full-time traveling entrepreneurs. 

This realization lead them to start looking for an RV park or land to purchase to develop a park designed for entrepreneurs, full-time families, and remote workers. They wanted to create a space where full-time RVers could get work done, network with other like-minded travelers, and take a break from working inside of their rigs. 

They had decided that Colorado was going to be the place that they wanted to build their ideal RV park, but finding land or an older RV park to purchase proved to be a lot harder than they were expecting. After several months of searching, an opportunity landed in their lap to purchase land in Montrose, Colorado from another couple who were RVers who had also considered building an RV park. 

It was an opportunity that would be hard to pass up, so Scott and Taylor grabbed it and before they knew it, they were moving out to Montrose. 

Scott’s background in construction management, his experience in real estate, and his entrepreneurial mindset made him the perfect person to spearhead the purchase of the campground and have helped keep him diligently working to get it ready for opening in the Spring of 2024. 

Meanwhile, Taylor is using her media skills as she takes on the marketing and community relations role during their build. Although, this hasn’t stopped her from gaining new skills along the way such as installing concrete, operating a backhoe loader, welding, and so much more! 

Overall, the project has proved to be a lot more challenging than they were expecting, but that hasn’t hindered their desire to make something amazing for the growing community of traveling entrepreneurs!  


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