The Campers Hub

A Campground for the New Generation of Campers

For decades when most people thought of the type pf people who were RVing, their minds would think of retirees and families on a summer vacation, but the RV industry is changing. From young couples seeking new adventures, to full-time traveling families, to entrepreneurs, there are all different types of people who are hitting the road full-time in their rigs. 

In summer of 2019 when we made the decision to move into an RV full-time we decided that we would work from the road. We had a hotspot on our phones, and knew that a lot of RV parks had free Wi-Fi, but something we didn’t know was that about 80% of the time the Wi-Fi at RV parks was mediocre at best and the hotspot, more often than not, gave us just enough bars to partially load a website. To say we had a rough time getting good work done from the road is an understatement.

Sometimes we enjoyed the moments working in odd locations (like at the white sands☺️) but it would have been awesome if we found an RV park that offered a space on the property to work. Not just an outdated community space, but a real space with desks, reliable internet, and meeting rooms.


 In 2020, when the pandemic hit, even more people left their sticks and bricks lives and hit the road full-time, either working remotely, or starting their own businesses from the road and we suspected a lot of them would face the same issues as we did when trying to stay connected. 

After RVing for two and a half years, we wanted to slow down a little in terms of moving locations every day, but we weren’t ready to completely leave the RV life. Fast forward to 2021 when we decided that it was time for us to take on a new adventure, developing an RV park or purchasing a mom and pop park that was in need of some revamping. During our RV journey we had started to discuss the things that we thought a lot of RV parks were missing and how the majority of places weren’t keeping up with the changing industry. There was a need for more RV parks with reliable internet, an updated community space, and an updated reservation system. 

This led us to create The Campers Hub: an RV park for the new generation of campers. Our RV park will provide fiber internet for our guests to use in the main building and throughout the park. The community building will be designed as a co-working space; providing guests with desks, tables, meeting space, zoom rooms, and a flex space to use as needed. We know there are a lot of content creators who travel on the road full-time and may value a space outside of their rig to work on their YouTube videos, podcasts, or any other creative content they may be working on. 

We also plan to have an app that will allow our guests to reserve the meeting room, podcast studio, and zoom rooms as needed. Not only do we want to create an app to reserve space in the co-working building, but we also want people to be able to use the app to buy firewood, book outdoor experiences such as, mountain biking, fly fishing, or other guided tours in the area.

We know first hand what it’s like Wandering the campgrounds and rv parks trying to find the spot with the strongest wi-fi, going to visitor centers to use their internet, finding a coffee shop hoping it has good internet and space to work, fighting the glare of the sun on your screen, or simply finding a space that just isn’t inside your rig to get a change of scenery. That’s why we want to build an rv park with a co-working space designed for those travelers who are working from the road, creating content, or even homeschooling and want to work in a space outside of their rig! It is our goal to make our guests stay easy, stress-free, and provide them with the convenience to get work and plan adventures all in one place. 


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